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Order CSM Diplomas

All graduating alumni from the Colorado School of Mines have the option of ordering additional copies of diplomas and replacement diplomas.  These orders can all be submitted through the Online Ordering System

Parchment (Paper) Diplomas

The Mines parchment diploma is available in two sizes. All undergraduate and graduate degrees may be printed in either size:

  • 11" X 8.5" - $45
    This diploma is delivered in flat mail.
  • 15" X "12" Display Diploma - $55
    This diploma is delivered in a handsome Colorado School of Mines Mailing Tube.  The tube does not damage the diploma.

RUSH SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE for parchment diplomas at an additional fee. Please check the ordering site for current prices and options for delivery.

Additional or duplicate parchment diploma copies can be requested through the Online Ordering System, and mailed to Mines graduates.  All parchment diplomas are delivered by either UPS or FedEx. No orders may be delivered to PO Boxes, and all orders require a signature upon delivery.

Silver-Plated Metal Diploma

$155. Silver-plated diplomas are 5" by 5.75", with the diploma wording engraved on the surface and the Colorado School of Mines seal applied.  All graduates of the Colorado School of Mines since the class of 2000 receive one silver-plated metal diploma as their official university diploma after graduation and upon certification of their degree (Prior to the class of 2000, students received a parchment (paper) diploma at graduation, and these alumni may now order a metal diploma for $155).  Additional or duplicate metal diploma copies can be requested through the Online Ordering System, and mailed to Mines graduates. (Product does not come with any case or cover, metal diploma frames are available at the Mines Bookstore)

There are NO rush services available for metal diplomas. These diplomas are generally processed within 3-6 months of the order, please check the Online Ordering System for current prices and options for delivery.

The Colorado School of Mines is not liable for or responsible for any customs fees from international countries that are required for international students on any package delivery including diplomas.

There is no such thing as a gold-plated diploma.



  • Diplomas will not be processed for students with holds, financial obligations, or other restrictions on their Mines student account.
  • Notarization is available on parchment (paper) diplomas for an additional fee required for the additional shipping and handling to process these requests. Notarization may delay delivery of the diploma 3-5 additional business days.
  • All orders for parchment diplomas require a signature upon delivery.
  • If a student orders a parchment (paper) diploma using a PO Box, the order will be immediately canceled.

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