Controller's Office Staff Directory

Controller's Office
1500 Illinois St, Golden, CO 80401
Guggenheim 224
Phone: (303) 273-3166
Fax: (303) 273-3278

Tressa Constantineau Ries
(303) 273-3262

TBA - Vacant
Administrative Assistant
(303) 273-3166

  • General controller's office inquiries.
  • Administrative Assistant to the Controller


General Accounting

Lisa Landry
Deputy Controller
(303) 273-3279

Jaime Han
Sales Tax Accountant
(303) 384-2304

Matt Roach
Plant Fund Accountant
(303) 273-3679

  • Capital projects and related transfer entries including fabricated equipment

Sharon Schwab
Financial Reporting and Tax Manager
(303) 273-3272

Kwang Cho
Senior Accountant
(303) 273-3448

  • Responsible for Chart of Account maintenance, CSM Endowment accounting, and general Banner Finance training & support

Ann Hourihan
Grant Accountant ISSV
(303) 273-3985


Shared Services

Mane Poghosyan
Shared Services Manager
(303) 273-3976

  • Accounts Payable, Travel, Credit Cards, T.E.M., Redistributions

Nicole Horton
(303) 273-3264

  • Inquiries related to credit cards (One Card, Event Card, CSM Travel Card), wire transfers, credit card allocations in T.E.M. (Travel & Expense Management System)

Vacant - TBA
(303) 384-2467

  • Inquiries related to all vendor payments


Christine Stuart Tolford
(303) 273-3274

  • Inquiries related to all travel reimbursements including processing in T.E.M. (Travel & Expense Management System) and the Ghost Card allocations with the travel agencies



Michelle Barta
(303) 273-3410

  • Cash receipts, Petty cash, Change fund, Cash box, Student tuition and fee contracts

Maxine Castillo
Student Loan Officer
(303) 273-3299

Leila Ekbatani
Staff Accountant
(303) 384-2144

Kevin Bratcher
(303) 273-3298


Financial Data Management

Mark Jones
Financial Data Manager
(303) 273-3468

  • Financial systems maintenance, IDC reporting, Banner Access requests, and Financial Reports

Donald Persichitte
Financial Systems Specialist
(303) 273-3217



Janice Lander
Payroll Operations Manager
(303) 273-3266

  • Payroll including pay discrepancies, deductions, taxes, timesheets

Suzanne Bratcher
Lead Payroll Specialist
(303) 273-3251

  • Inquiries related to all payroll transactions

Cynthia Kerr
Payroll Operations Technician
(303) 384-2427

Michelle Wareham
Payroll Operations Technician
(303) 273-3565




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Controller's Office

1500 Illinois St.
Guggenheim 224
Golden, CO 80401

Tressa Constantineau Ries, CPA
(303) 273-3262

Nicole Horton
Administrative Assistant
(303) 273-3166

What's new

Appropriateness of Expenditure Form

Banner Index Codes

In an effort to continually heighten financial efficiency throughout the CSM community, the Controller's Office has implemented a new 'shortcut' number for your financial accounts.

For more information on the new Banner Index Codes please read the following document: Banner Index Codes.


   ** UPDATED **

Indirect Cost Return Distribution Procedure

The Controller’s Office has implemented a new Indirect Cost Return distribution procedure that all research centers and departments must follow. The procedure manual and distribution worksheet are provided for your reference below:

Indirect Cost Return Distribution Procedure Manual

Indirect Cost Return Distribution Worksheet

(Updated 10/09/15)